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That is a yummy picture of Matt Damon!! And Patrick Wilson as well! Now, I just need some hot italian model love...


Congrats on the A in photography!!!
I think you should get in your car and come down to see me! :)

and usher, a down to earth guy? i don't get it. LOL

Courtney DeLaura

- whooo hooo congrats on the A
- Fun ballroom dancing. What color is your sparkly dress? and do you wear your hair SLICKED Back???

- that movie looks awesome!
- off to take the quiz -- I am crossing my fingers for Adam Sandler or Dave Chappelle [oh you think i kid, NO]

have a wonderful weekend.


Had to post again to say I'm lovin the new banner! :)

Caroline Ikeji

hey! i got matt damon too!
sure beats kevin spacey. hahaha.
'grats on the A!

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