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Ok, I was bored and I took that celebrity match quiz and got... Sean Penn. Gross. Ew. Ick. The next three listed were:

Kevin Spacey
Mel Gibson
Bruce Springsteen

So, I'm in the same boat you are, Sare. Why oh why couldn't we get matched up with Mr. Dashboard? I would have FREAKED if it would have said Tom Cavanaugh. That would be awesome, but nope, Sean Penn. Yuck! I mean, if it had to be an older guy, why not Kyle Chandler (from Friday Night Lights). He's my new celeb crush! ;)

Ok, off to try to get that gross picture of him out of my head! Have a great week! :)


hey. I got the EXACT same matches as kp2?!
what's up with that.
and sean penn?


so i took the quiz...and got matched up with dave mathews. except that i don't even like his music. yuck.
and can i just tell you how super jealous i am that you have the opportunity to see dashboard? hello gorgeous!
i'm now off to go check when he will be in my neighborhood.


long time reader, first time poster... how could I NOT find out who my celebrity love match was...

Sean Penn
Kevin Spacey
Mel Gibson
Bruce Springsteen

Maybe they only five people to choose from since it looks like we all got the same love matches... except for Dave Matthews... kind of throws things off... but why oh why couldn't Dave be my love match over Sean Penn...


Shut right freaking up! Dashboard AND the Format who I loved for like 4 years together!? How did I not know this!?

Traci Wren

Ok, so the quiz is completely faulty. I was matched with Tom Cruise. Ick...I would have to become a stepford wife. The other matches were the same as everyone else it seems...Mel, Kevin and Bruce. Very odd. No Jude, Jake or McDreamy...too bad.

Amy Alvis

My perfect match was..... Dave Matthews

My next closest matches were:

Sean Penn
Brett Favre
Kevin Spacey

Caroline Ikeji

kevin spacey?!

and you make me insanely jealous because dashboard is on my "must see" list but i haven't seen him yet.


ahhh..i love oliver hudson...way back from his dawson's creek days....


PS..love the new banner


Ok so I took the quiz too & it gave me Dave Matthews which is problematic because I detest him...I don't think it'll work out. But my runners up were Sean Penn (icky), Kevin Spacey (creepy) & Brett Favre. I didn't like those very much so I took the quiz again & picked "females" just to see who it would give me & the results were not much better. My ideal female celebrity match is Angelia Jolie with runners up Nicole Kidman, Mia Hamm & (now this is REALLY bad) Glenn Close! Sick!

Love the new banner.


my match was kevin spacey.
but i think he prefers men????


Hey...I didn't take the quiz. Ha ha ha!

Dashboard is going to rock. Let's buy some tickets...you know, when we're not broke.


Yay! You're back - and with a great post. Off to try that crazy quiz like everyone else.


I got those exact same matches. How boring.

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