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So sorry to hear about your family dog, Sare. I can relate. I've had dogs in my family all throughout my life and had to see some of them go and it's just so hard. I'll say a prayer for him, too.

P.S. That photo of Nicole Richie made me gag. Ew. Give the girl a Big Mac will ya?! :)

Have a good day! Hugs!


So sorry to hear about your dog. It's very sad when we have to put our pets down.

And I am seriously laughing that there is someone else out there besides my friends and I who watch Man vs. Wild not so much for the survival knowledge but because Bear often takes off his shirt. We'll have MvW on and, when someone thinks Bear is about to take of his shirt, they will yell "HE'S STRIPPING" and we will come running from all over the house just to watch. Sometimes we trip and fall in our mad rush to the TV...thank goodness for TiVo! ;)


So sad.


i'm so sorry about your dog...


So sorry about Major. It's such a hard thing to go through.

You had me laughing about Can't Buy Me Love and Patrick Dempsy. The African Anteater Ritual is the best dance - ha!

And I'll have to check out that Man vs. Wild show...that guy is cute! ;-)


I'm sooo sorry about your dog. He looks so sweet. My grandparents had a golden lab named Major that was very loved before he died.


Aww sorry about your dog! We don't believe in pets so I don't really know what it's like but it sounds like it would be sad! Glad to hear Ragtime was good. We're going this week I think. We're very organized, as you can tell. I saw Ragtime when the SL Hale did it and it was fabulous. I always says, "Why don't ya go back where ya came from, Kracker!" which is a lovely racial slur I picked up from that show. The end!


I'm sorry about your dog!

Regarding the highlights, why don't you try what's called "lowlights"? It would involve touches of red and copper- for a brunette, it creates subtle dimension, as opposed to flat color with "blondish" streaks. Just a thought!


that nicole richie pic is creeping me out.
and why isn't she wearing shoes?!


PS: i love bear.


Dude, so missing you. I'm back in Utah on Wednesday. I was totally going to call you and make you go with me to Ragtime! Dang it! ( I really hate it when people say dang it, it's so ugly but it seemed fitting in this case) I'm sorry I wasn't able to help you with photography!
I have to say that while I was at California Disney or whatever it is called and watched the "Wildcats pep rally" show I totally thought of you and I almost bought you the highschool musical mystery date board game but I wasn't sure if you already had it.
We NEED to hang out soon!

p.s. Unless you like a lot of naked people on stage and the really bad swear words Spring awaking might not be for you.

ps.s. Mark is at a final call back for a broadway show right now!


sweet dog..so sorry:( Curious what breed of dog he is though..looks so loveable:)

Caroline Ikeji

ew. her feet look reallyr eally freaky. and YES. she needs a hamburger.

sorry abotu the dog :( **hugs**

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