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lol - "ignorantville". You got that right!


I saw Dan in Real Life last night and it was AMAZING. So good. I absolutely loved it and my husband loved it too. It was just SO good - we were laughing all night, we teared up a bit....just a great movie. Hope you like it too!


I finally saw the preview for "Lars and the Real Girl". It's playing in Sandy. I want to go see it. Too bad I'm totally sick! I should have never forced you to go to that Halloween party, speaking of the "Devil Inside"...Ha ha ha!


That picture is great. Love how the back-up dancers are totally blurry. In fact you're the only non-blurry one. Were you so nervous you were standing still looking around at the crazy dancers? ;-)

Your Starbucks story reminds me of driving with my best friend (another Sarah) in college. We'd just yell crazy stuff at people just to laugh. The best one was this old man who yelled at me to slow down when I had to swerve to miss getting hit by another car in a parking lot. I was only going 10 mph. Reactively, I yelled out the window, "Go back to your rest home, fart boy!" To this day, that saying still makes us laugh.


i *heart* matthew perry.


peanut butter m&m's are the best!! I did see Caridee on gossip. she didn't have many lines!! i love that show :)


matthew perry & peanut butter m&m's.
both happy things! :)


Umm, I just noticed that you cursed me!

Karaoke on Thursday? Maybe I'll get to sing this time. I get so nervous!


Court De

oh Lars and the real girl - looks so good I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ryan Gosling.
and the fact that you had someone yell - Starbucks is for Sinners at you guys just for some reason is SOOOOOOO flippin' funny to me.
only in Utah I guess :)



Thanks for reminding me why I left Orem. Seriously people are so dumb sometimes. I am dying to see that Ryan Gosling movie. Be sure to post whether it's good or not if you see it.

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