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So far my sibs have seen Tina Fey, Clint Eastwood, Angela Bassett, Ellen DeGeneres, Amanda Peet, to name a few. Me? Nobody famous. Except myself everyday in the mirror. JEALOUS?


OMG!!! 30 Rock?!?!?! AWESOME! But I can't see the filming pictures!!!! boo!

You and Tina are Bffs. for real. ;)
miss you!


"Tina Fey looked at me. Me. Tina. Me and Tina."



i think i officially hate you ;)

as in ... i'm totally jealous of you.


I love that show! That is totally cool! I can't see the pics though! :( Love your blog--you are too funny!


What I meant to say was that I can't see pics from the apartment pic down. The rest are beautiful!


Oh..that is exciting! Tina Fey...I would have almost peed my pants to. So jealous of your fabulous NYC lifestyle : )

Sarah Butler

That's gotta be the most surreal thing in the world...to see a filming notice posted on a pole right in your own neighborhood! I would die!

Congratulations on making serious eye-contact with Tina Fey! I would have turned into weirdo fan and started crying or something ridiculous and frightening. Good job not freaking her out! :)

Oh and ALL of your pictures are gorgeous! Your apartment looks very chic. I guess it's worth living with 3 people to have such a lovely New York-ish apartment! And I think I recognize some IKEA love, do I not?


I love seeing NYC through your eyes, girl! VERY cool about making eye contact with Tina Fey! I bet that was surreal! :) Love the photos and your apartment is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)


Me. So. Jealous. Tina Fey is the coolest. I for sure would have peed the pants. Thanks for sharing the other photos. Its still crazy to think that you live in the most amazing city.


have you seen twilight yet?!?!?


Honestly, I have never even heard of 30Rock, but I really laughed about the Tina Fey story. Ha!


Wow, your apartment is so lovely. Did you paint the walls? If so, what color is that? I LOVE IT!

And... you are a lucky duck for living in an area where you just happen upon film crews and... Tina Fey! :-)

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