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you definitely have the coolest life. :)

i admit to flipping through the channels last friday and saw tyra...and watched it for 20 minutes looking for you. i have never ever seen her show, but I have to say-i don't ever want to again. LOL except when you are on, of course. :)


Ummm...hello? I know someone who has a huge 6x8 scraping room filled with supplies and I also know that she owns Penelope and Becoming Jane! Seriously you should come over!
And oh Tyra, I still laugh that we have been there. How great is that for the have you ever game?
And yes, I'm so excited to wait outside for Lauren like a 12 year old!!!


First of all, thank you so much for all of your great tips about living in New York. I'm sorry I never got back to you even to say thanks (I'm so lazy sometimes!) That all has been put on hold, but it's good to know i've got an inside source.

I love that you love James, he's my favorite too! When I saw Penelope, I did nothing but stare at his lips and imagined kissing them. So yummy!

Is it bad that I am completely obsessed with RW: Brooklyn? And that Chet, I just think he's the cutest thing.

I love your big city life!


u rawk. seriously. Someday we totally need to hang.
Chet goes to ur church - have u talked to him?
I always say i'm not gonna get into the new real world.........then i do. dang.
i have been trying to go to magnolia for every freaking trip to ny in the past couple years..determined to make it in the spring. Have u been?


whups realized that linked to my flickr.

Angie Lucas

Sarah, you DO have the coolest life. I just had to leave a lil comment to tell you that you inspired me to buy an Ingrid Michaelson album, and I thank you for it. Also, I too have a crush on James McAvoy (I've decided it's okay to lust since I'm only 3 years older than him), 30Rock, and more than half of the bands you've seen in person. Cool.


Holy crap, she looks WAY different blond.

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