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so glad you are rethinking the loft bed idea...I knew I could persuade you LOL

Sarah Butler

*haha* "Don't rush me, I'm cruisin' the moich-in-dise, mista WEAZLE " is a very commonly used phrase around my house. Well, I use it. My husband stares at me blankly then says, "Is that from that newsboy show?" :)

I can't believe you saw Stacy London! I would have thrown myself at her feet, begging for her to bestow some of her fabulousness on me. I love her...I love Clinton a little more, but I do love her. :)

I have that IKEA dresser. It's a different color, but same thing. IKEA's the best.

Kia Greogry

I love Stacy London! Sometimes I think she doesn't dress or her body BUT I still love her.
And I loved the Oscars this year. Some of the presenters I didn't like but the sets, the format...It was better than last years for sure.


I love the new Dentyne ad as well.

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