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Jakob Andersson

A brilliancy at work the writer actually is, I do not know when he convinced me. Each line that's presented is priced its weight in gold. It's astounding that each day there's something fantastic to view in the blog. I've noted elaborated statements and posts this blog offers. Such a controversial topic handled with such masterful enlightenment. The connected links in the site qualify for a read too. The technical wisdom of this blog author is unmatched. The author does not take sides rather presents both aspects of the discussion well. There is this transparency of thought in this blog that i enjoy badly.


cannot wait for speed dating stories ;)

Tiffany W

especially that of the mammoth!


yeah, what that first guy said. only twisted and turned in a way that makes sense.
also i can't wait to hear your speed dating stories!
and your family is GORGEOUS! really. gorgeous.
i love your blog. did i mention that?


p.s. watch that movie about justin long not getting into college and starting his own. it's hilarious. although there were a couple other actors that totally stole the scenes. but you'll still love it.

Julie Magallanes

Oh Sarah, you make my day! I'm lovin that someone asked to take your picture in the museum, that's priceless lol. I'm with Kelly, bring on the speed dating stories!!!


love love your living a la nyc stories. :) and can't wait to hear about your speed dating...totally made me think of hitch, too! haha! & whoohoo for spring break.


freak. if only will smith had been at speed dating!! he has everything the guys there didn't have. very goodlooks, charm, great style, and oh ya...he's FAMOUS!! lets watch hitch sometime soon!

Kia Greogry

My husband is an art teacher and when he was undergrad he always had to sketch NEKKID OLD DUDES. I was scarred and scurred looking at those drawings. I think he still has them. Your work is very good, btw.

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