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Love the post. We are so fun!!!


come back soon!!!!

Kia Greogry

G. Love and Special Sauce...HAHAHA. And James McAvoy in Starter for 10=SO CUTE. You know who he ends up with after the first 5 minutes but it's still a happy happy joy joy movie! (Super smiling over here for the thanks, too!)


Ooh, so jealous of your friend if she really does get to go see our lover (don't worry, I'll share). *wink*

Fun fact about Fashion Week. My cousin works for an Italian designer and in his show, all of the male models wore hats in such a way to accentuate their ears. The designer told my cousin that he (and his distinctive ears) were the inspiration. Apparently that look is going to be HUGE soon. :)

Thanks for sharing your playlist. I'll have to check it out. I'm always looking for new music and love it when others do all the hard work of finding it so I don't have to.

Happy Friday (sorry for the novel)


wait--your bestie is a KP. mine too.


Ummm, I'm a little disappointed you didn't know who Jon Hamm was at the time of the McD's picture taking but props you took the photos anyway, cause he's da bomb. period. not exclamation point. period.

I love mad men.

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