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a. you make me laugh everytime.
b. i want a job being a nanny for people on the upper east side.
c. your posters ROCK.
d. i'd keep going but my extreme excitement over you finally writing would show through and then you would block me or something so i'll stop.
e. you're awesome.


awesome photo of the arch, very arty creative!


Sarah! I love the posters you did for Chloe! Those are amazing. But how could I even be surprised? I'm not. Because you're awesome. And I love that you said you were 12 and have ongoing crushes, ...because so do I! But I'm 16 when I have a rediculous crush and I shouldn't. Haha! ...I'm four years more mature in my crushing years, so there!

THanks again for calling me on my Birthday! You are the best and one of the many few who actually called.


i love that pic of us.
can't wait to see you guys SOON!!!!

Carolyn Quebe

Your posters are fantastic. Really. I'd have never known you didn't just copy and paste those from some ultra hip design blog; Oh wait, that's what your blog is...haha. :) Nice!


Hippie-esque? Bahhhha!! Love and miss our little friends.
Also......those upstairs neighbors of yours...i'm telling you...zombies.

Alisha Gordon

ok those posters are totally awesome! And all I just have to tell you I have Rachael Ray tivo'd and it's the episode with Dr. Phil... I am going home to watch it and I want you to know the ONLY reason I am going to watch it is because of you :) And lastly come visit soon... we miss you!

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