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Hello! I read it! Isn't it worth it just for that? haha. If it's okay can I steal the photograph of us? I think it looks really cute! It was a really fun weekend.

Julie Magallanes

I read it all. Ok yes, I am a stalker and sound like I have no life, but I do really! I just live vicariously through you, KP and Susan W. and all of your fun adventures and neat pictures and awesome knowledge of the crafting world. Can we just switch for one day?? Please!!! I know you would just love living in CA, driving 3 kids around,writing my Master's Thesis and organizing my craft room for me while I was "single" and living it up in NYC...really doesn't that sound like a fair trade???? My hubby won't bite, I promise.

LOL ;) Keep blogging, I need some form of entertainment.

Ruth Akers

I agree with the woman above me. Let's switch. I can offer you a grocery getter, 4 kids, with amazingly adorable personalities, and cute clothes. and Hi. Who doesn't wanna be a SAHM with nothing to live for?

And I'm pretty sure I would have bombed the Letterman question too. I was never even fast enough to answer the questions on who wants to be a millionaire. SAd. all of it.

Stephanie Klauck

I love reading your blog Sarah!
And if I had smaller feet I would so put in an offer for those shoes - LOVE them!
Just thought I'd comment and say Hi!


I read it all! The Twitter thing was my fav of all your excerpts though. I am realizing more and more each minute that we are apart how much I miss you. Madly deeply doooooo!


I am so jealous that you got so close to Lauren Graham...is she as gorgeous in real life as she appears on tv?

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