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Just watched this movie last week, after a very long time, and now your post reminds me how much I enjoyed it (I especially loved Meg's hair, off topic I know but all the way I kept thing how great it was LOL)

Jennifer in Ohio

LOVE this movie and just watched it last weekend so it was all fresh in my head while reading this! It was great seeing your pics of all these places and what a fun time to go around finding all of them! I love living vicariously through all your NYC adventures.

Stephanie Wheeler

I LOVE You've Got Mail. What a great tour! Makes me want to watch it right now :)

Richard M

Thanks for the You've Got Mail tour. There's some great lines from that movie; Kathleen Kelly: Mister 152... insights into my soul. Awesome!

Richard M

I found this and wanted to share - makes me laugh every time.



i love that movie SO much...
and i loved your tour! such fun! :)


Every time I hear "Gray's Papaya" I think of Fools Rush In. Love that movie! Of course, I love You've Got Mail too!

Traci in Virginia

Loved this post. Love this movie...could hear every word and visualize the movie as I read your comments! Thanks...that was fun!


Awesome You've Got Mail post, chickadee!


I loved the tour. You should do more virtual tours like that. It's fun to see everything!

Also, Young Love has a new album?! Yea!

Debby Schuh

YGM is in my top 5 favorite movie list...maybe top 3! Thanks for the tour!
I'm adding it to my NYC to-do list.

Paige Evans

You've Got Mail really is a great movie. I could watch it over and over and over and over and over and over. So thanks for sharing the pics :)

Michele Williams

HI Sarah!

I'm also a huge fan of You've Got Mail! and I just wanted to tell you, the awning with 152 Riverside Drive for Joe's address is the same awning in all of the Will & Grace episodes, (another of my favorites) so it must be a set in CA. Just an FYI! I noticed it one day while watching reruns and then of course checked the movie, and sure enough it's exactly the same!


i need you to be my guide for the YGM tour this summer/fall ;)

Christy Bevans

Oh my Gosh. You've got mail is my most Fav movie ever too. I think I have seen it more than 200 times. Your tour was so awesome. I have been to NYC twice and both times I continually looked for spots that they may have filmed. I am so glad that you found them and posted.


I've been dreaming about H&H bagels since the last time I had them oh...5 years ago. I believe they are the best bagels ever made. Lucky you to have them at your disposal!

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