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Laura W.

Hi there! Okay, so I'm sort of a blog-stalker and I love to peek in, but rarely comment. But since you mentioned the Proposal, I wanted to tell you about this coupon for $5 off.

Mmm kay, bye. :)


ooooh yay. a fall mix! you put some of my favorites on there, but i'm off to check the rest out.

courtney blair

FYI Starf**ker has officially picked their name,
the winner is...



you picked some great songs for your fall mix... several of my favorites are listed! PS: I've found many new tunes to love courtesy of www.lastfm.com (my fave station is Indie Pop). You might like it too.


love to see you back blogging again! missed you :)
hope life is treating you well. take care.


You know how excited i am to have LG back on TV! :)
(and i grew up in the midwest, and never, ever, have I heard it called the MW. til now. LOL Thanks.) :)

wendy smedley

Girl once again we are united, I too have major crush on Matthew, dang him.
Welcome back to scrapbooking and back to Utah-
hope to see you soon and chat

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