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Sarah -
I found your blog through Michelle Virtue and Jenn Hsu (I worked with Jenn at BYU...)
Anyway, I really like reading your confessions, as I, too, am a twenty-something, soon to be thirty-something. So I vote for that option.
Also, that peanut butter knife thing looks like it would be really handy to get into that annoying lip around the top of the peanut butter jar.
That bag is cute. I may need to get one. Thanks for putting the link up.


glad you blogged ;)


Don't go! I would love any of those blogging options. So much so that I can't pick just one. Seriously, I just re-looked at the list and want it all! I care about what you think on all those subjects! Um, that peanut thing cracked me up, so weird. No idea what it is. Sorry, can't help there. I think your photos are really good. Thanks for blogging!


It is a peanut butter spreader- I have one and it works perfectly to get all the PB out of the corners of the jar!

Jealous that you went to Martha!

Erin Sweeney

I love your posts, Sarah. Keep blogging. :)

Carolyn Quebe

Yes, don't go. Can I vote for more than one option? Confessions, pop culture, and design...


I'd like to vote for 'all of the above.'
and now that you have tv again, talk about that some more. ;) lol Love ya!

Paige Evans

Cute pictures!

When I first scrolled past that peanut butter thing it looked like a pregnancy test...um, lol.

Thanks for the recommendation not to go see the box. i've heard a lot of bad reviews so I'll keep my $11 thank you very much and spend it on frozen yogurt.

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