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Sarah 'Extra Crispy'

I can't wait! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


Happy Birthday!

I am 33, single, and LDS, so I feel your pain. But think of all the wonderful things we get to do that our married-with-children friends are not able to. We OWN the remote control, two-hour bubble baths, no one eats our left-overs, and the house is still as clean when we get home at the end of the day as it was when we left in the morning!

You have quite a bit to be proud of! Enjoy life!


happy birthday! i adore your blog and am glad you will continue writing. even if it's only to help your failing memory :)


Hope you have a very happy birthday! 36 was a lot harder for me than 30 ....

Julie Magallanes

Ok Sarah, I had to comment on this one (it's been a while anyway;-)
First off, Happy Birthday! May your 30's be the best decade ever! Secondly, to kinda go with what the girl three comments before me said...think about this...I am 37, married 17 years with three kids, and although I wouldn't trade my life away for anything....I can't: take off on an airplane to NYC anytime I want...buy myself nice things (kids take all of your money)...flirt with cute single guys (hubs probably wouldn't dig that)...never get the remote, two-hour bubble baths are more like 10 minute showers with 2 other people coming in and out of the bathroom at any given time, leftovers??? I barely have time to eat the first time, and lastly, my house is never completely clean (and I am the maid)! So don't fret, ...you are an amazing artist, world traveler, great storyteller, and from what I can tell an awesome sister, daughter, auntie and friend! Cheers to you!


Happy birthday! I LOVE your blog and am excited you are going to continue :)


I have really enjoyed reading your blog and am glad you are going to continue! Have you made your blog into a book yet? I have mine printed every year (blurb.com has good deals, and the books turn out very nice!) No longer do I have to feel guilty about not journaling! Happy birthday. The 30's are good years, I'm seven years into them!


I've mostly been a blog lurker here but have commented a couple of times - typically when there's a picture of James McAvoy in your post. So I just wanted to say thanks for the entertaining posts you've written on this blog and that I look forward to reading your next one! And, Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday! I'm 32 and single and understand the feeling of being "behind." I've only commented a few times, but I have very much enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to the new one!


The 30's are the new 20's. Now that you are 30, I can tell you that. ;)


linda from toronto canada

happy birthday.

yours is one blog that i look forward to reading new entries. please let us know where to find your new one.

don't see your birthday as the end of something, but the beginning of something. here's hoping that there are lots of pleasant surprises for you around every corner :)

Erin Sweeney

Happy Birthday Sarah! I'm glad you're going to keep blogging. 30's are good, you'll see! ;)


AHHH, Happy 30th! I turned 30 back in October. It was weird and is still weird telling people I am 30 when they ask my age, but weird in a weird way, not a bad way. Make sense? Anyway, I look forward to hearing all your thoughts about your 30's on your new blog someday. You are awesome!

Stephanie Klauck

Hope you had an awesome birthday!
Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Sarah!
Can't wait to see the new blog ;)

Jennifer H

Sorry I'm late on the birthday wishes. I'm glad you are going to keep blogging so I have some way of keeping up with your face-paced life. I love you! Happy Birthday!


Hey, I've been following your blog (by way of Kristina Werner's blog)...isn't it great when you find a gret blog from someone else's great blog...anyway, i digress....I loved reading about your NY adventures. :)

I too feel like I'm behind. I'm 31 and am single, no kids, etc...and I believe EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE of my high school classmates and co-workers are all married, kids, etc....but don't fret; it's not too late for us. :) There will be someone out there for us... :) My mom always says "it will happen when you least expect it and are not looking for it"

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