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I love your list, and it's making me want to create one for my 30th coming up! p.s. I think you should visit ME. I'm out of state, right?


I think I am going to do the same as you, but my list will be 34 for 34.

I like your list. It's simple and attainable. Good luck! If you need help with #30, I think our blog will help you - beachjunkies.blogspot.com. Let me know if you ever need to pick our brain.


i would LOVE to visit you, maren! i will do my best in 2011... :)


thanks leesh! i'll have to check it out! :)

Linda Barber

Hey cutie! Loving the list. Once you get to my age, what with me practically having a foot in the grave and all, I just gave up on the list thing. It would take two and a half days just to write to a number that high.

BTW, boyfriend = cute! ;)


linda, you are too funny! love! ;)


Good list. I think I'll do a 30 before 30.


Cute blog. I did the same thing for my 31st birthday too. =)

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